when it's no longer just a song

There's a difference between a song and an anthem.  

A song is a small piece of something bigger. Maybe it gets stuck in your head. Maybe you can tap your foot to it. But an anthem? Well, that's something else entirely. 

An anthem is what you're listening to on repeat because everything else on your phone suddenly seems empty. An anthem plays in your headphones and makes your life feel like the movie it was meant to soundtrack. Sure, an anthem is just a song -- a couple minutes of beats, tones and lyrics -- but it's also a piece of music that captures your essence at a specific time, in a specific place. It offers the world a peek inside your current head and heart. It says "it," whatever today's "it" is, better than you could have yourself. 

Anthem is the app that will let great music do what great music does: connect us. Share your current anthem with the world, and follow your friends and favorite tastemakers so that you have a playlist curated by your community at your fingertips.